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Transforming Floors with Expert Coating Solutions: Unleashing the Beauty and Durability.

The heavy traffic caused by sandals, gym shoes, or even bare feet when you have the family around for a barbeque is far from the only danger to your outdoor patio. The weather is a problem, too. Every drop of rain or flake of snow (granted, snow is pretty rare in Texas) can combine to rot away the wood used to build the patio.


There’s only one solution: a patio floor coating.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Republic Floor Coatings

Protection against scurrying feet and the ravages of the elements are the obvious reasons for getting a patio floor coating. But there are aesthetic benefits, too. An attractive floor coating spruces up your patio to give it a fresh new look, with some options even having specific designs to mimic gravel or other materials.


Republic Floor Coatings doesn’t just install patio floor coating. We make sure that coating offers the protection you need, coupled with breathing new life into your backyard.

Why Choose Professionally Installed Coatings for Your Home’s Patio?

Sure, you could go down the DIY route when coating your patio floor, though it isn’t recommended. It’s a time-consuming and delicate process. And by working with a professional service, you get many benefits that you don’t get when going it alone.

Our Service Areas Throughout Texas

If you’re a Texan looking to take their patio to a new level, we serve clients in the following areas:

● Frisco

● Plano

● Richardson

● And More!

Trusted Texas Residential Floor Coating Services

Trust is everything to Republic Floor Coatings. If you don’t trust us to do the job well, then we’ve got to earn it. That’s why we offer a 15-year warranty (on top of our combined many years of experience) so you can feel confident that you’ll get the coating you deserve.

Our Superior Coating Installation Process

We have a four-step installation process that we call the “CARE” installation package:


● Consult with you to figure out what you want

● Assess your current patio to see what we need to do

● Render you speechless with a custom coating that makes your vision a reality

● Execute the vision with expert installation

Contact Us for Expert Patio Coating Services

We think it’s about time you showed your patio a little love, and our coatings are just the ticket. If you’d like to learn more or want to shoot the breeze about what we do, get in touch to chat with the Republic team.

Color Option

Discover an extensive selection of color options for your concrete coatings at Republic Floor Coatings. Enhance your space with customizable flake color combinations, allowing you to achieve a remarkable and unique finish.

Our System

Our concrete floor coatings offer an array of exceptional features, including:

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